What is reputation protection?

Online reputation protection is a long-term strategy that fortifies your branded search landscape against future unknown threats. In other words, it’s proactive online reputation management to immunize your company’s reputation and online identity.

Internet reputation protection companies employ numerous tactics to defend your online presence. Some of these include search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, strategic outreach, and much more. The goal is to establish a protective barrier of positive content that defends your reputation against negative search results. The more controllable assets you own, the easier it is to remove search results from the first page of Google.

Protect Your Reputation

Find out how we establish, strengthen and protect your digital reputation.

Value of reputation protection

It’s incredibly difficult to calculate what your online reputation is worth in an exact, dollar amount. However, there are plenty of reputation management statistics that show us it’s important. For instance, nearly 87 percent of people won’t do business with a company that has negative reviews. This gives us a glimpse into how much your online brand image impacts revenue.

93% of purchases are directly impacted by online reviews
89% of customers read online reviews before purchase
93% of customers avoid purchase because of bad reviews
92% of consumers hesitate to make a purchase if there are no customer reviews

Business Planning & Strategy

Build your reputation (offensive)

In business, it’s usually wise to protect your assets before calamity strikes. And brand image is one of your most valuable assets. Reputation protection looks at the entire search landscape for your brand name, industry, CEO, and your competitors. This offensive approach offers a detailed picture of where you stand compared to others.

Defend your reputation (defensive)

No one can be 100 percent prepared for every disaster. The 24-hour news cycle is vicious and uncaring (and often one-sided). Sometimes bad things happen to great brands. If your page one Google results are already clogged up with viral news stories, competitor sites, or negative Glassdoor reviews and customer complaints, you’ll need to shift from reputation protection to a more defensive reputation recovery strategy.

Develop controllable digital assets

Owning web assets is a crucial part of owning your brand’s overall narrative on Google search. We help you develop your digital asset portfolio so that you control the messaging your customers, stakeholders, and future employees see. This includes prominent social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as online review sites like Trustpilot and Yelp.